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Top 3 Wings Playoff Moments

It’s that time of year again. The weather outside is still mostly frightful, but the NHL playoffs are just so delightful…and since theres nowhere else i want to go…..give me goals give me goals give me goals.

Here are my favorite April – June moments since i was just a little snake.
#3 – The Drought Is Over
#2 – 2008 – Nicky Lid Gets His Due
#1 – Shot Heard Around The World

Heres to many more! Go Wings Go!!!!!!!!!!


The Mickey Redmond Drinking Game

It’s about time someone complies a list of his epic sayings. And what better than assigning a drink value to each?  We’re gonna go from most common(least drinks) to most rare(you’re gonna get faded). I’m just rolling with these off the top of my head with some help from select bros, so feel free to help me add on. List your favorites in the comments section.

2 Drinks

  • “Here we go”
  • “Look Out!”
  • “BINGO BANGO!” (unanimous favorite)
  • whenever Mickey draws on the screen during a replay
  • whenever Mickey says “gang”
  • “captain”
  • “Holy jumpin”
  • “got his bell rung”
  • Poor (insert goalie here) is thinking, where did you come up with that?”
  • “Oh my!”
  • “Goodness gracious”

4 Drinks

  • “Slow it down right here, gang”
  • “Holy Mackerel!”
  • when ha calls Hudler “happy”
  • anything about a ski mask when someone gets “robbed”
  • “That was like shooting ducks at the circus”
  • anytime they show Mickey after the opening draw
  • whenever Mickey says “boys”
  • “son-of-a-gun”
  • When Ken screams “Scores!”
  • “What is this league coming to?”
  • “got his bell rung!”

6 Drinks

  • When Ken says “A Datsyuk-ian move”
  • “You could throw a blanket on ’em”
  • “Then down he goes like he was shot with an elephant gun”
  • anytime he gives a tip for the “youngsters”
  • anytime Mickey compliments the replay crew
  • “Holmstrom gets more attention around the net than a pretty girl at closing time!”
  • “The equalizer”
  • “Johnny on the spot”
  • “Shot out of a cannon”

10 Drinks

  • “Can you believe it?”
  • “oye youye youye”
  • whenever he references drinking (ie. pop, soda, beverage)
  • “He had (insert goalie here) out on 4th street”
  • Whenever Mickey makes fun of Larry for being hammered (ie. “Larry doesn’t drink beer he drinks vodka and orange juice. Gotta watch out for that orange juice. It’ll get ya.”)
  • “He was standing there like a cigar store indian”
  • “Rockin’ at the Joe”
  • “monkey on a high wire”

Kobe Fined $100K for Saying "Fucking faggot", I’d Be Fined $1.2 mil Daily

He drops it at the 0:36 mark.

I must say this is my go to phrase. I’d be fined hourly if this we’re applicable to every day life. These days isn’t everything shitty either gay, faggot, queer, cock suckers or some variation of that? I thought this was just common practice. If someone T’d me up and then I got fined $100 grrr, I would say some way worse shit than this. I’d be dropping fuck, fag, cunt, shit, and bitch at least 4 times each in a 35 word expletive phrase that would make your eyes water.  I must have a dirty mouth, right Orbitz gum commercials? I did learn from the best, though. I distinctly remember my mom calling a McDonalds worker a cunt, to her face, for what seemed to be no apparent reason. And I was 9. Ah, the good ol’ days.


April in the D means rain and Wings

Zach Konnie, ladies and gentlemen. Great job today, Zach!

EDITOR’S NOTE- I had to jump in and calabo with the Wild one on this post. I think I’m somewhere between a Wing-Nut and an Octopussy Monster so you know I had to chime in. My take will be in italics. 

Well in all my 25 years on Sigourney Weaver’s planet earth I’ve seen the Wings in the playoffs 20 of them. And they’ve won the cup 20% of the time. It’s easy to take the Wings inevitable playoff appearance for granted after so many years; but here at the Coalition, we sing to the tune of “Hey Hey Hockeytown!” all spring long. And after watching last nights game I’ve broken Wings fans down to 3(5) categories:

The “Waste of a Ticket”: I must start off by saying that although we find these on the low end of the Wings fan totem pole, they are 95% of the time slam piece broads. The trophy wife type. I’m sure you’re well aware. Between questions like “What number is Tayshaun Prince? and “Can we go soon?(when there’s clearly 12:43 left in the second peroid) No matter how annoying they maybe be, you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. Do I stay and enjoy myself or do I follow the lady that would rather get drunk than watch the game I spent $100 on? Sometimes you follow the lady because that’s the only way I’m going to get any suction on my fuck-tion.

The “Townies”: these are the folks who are so accustomed to the Wings making the playoffs that it just doesn’t excite them anymore. As a resident of Hockeytown they are fans by default and say “hey, wake me up when they’re playing in June.” (See: Black guys and metrosexuals)

The “Casual Fan”: granted they will watch every game when it’s on, but that’s mainly because they live with a Wing-Nut or they’re at the bar hanging out and they have no other choice. This person is normally a significant other or an alcoholic friend that over time picks up a lot of hot knowledge about the Wings and basically watches for the fights and Mickey Redmond’s antics. “Mickey Redmond drinking game”® coming soon. 

The “Wing-Nuts”: here’s where most Detroit-ers fall under, myself included. These guys grow their beards from day one of the playoffs, and gain about 10-20 lbs of beer weight depending on how deep into the postseason the Wings go. The Wings trump most things for these fellas (work, school, wives, etc.). And the top level Wing-Nuts sneak slimy sea creatures into the game to toss onto the ice. A milestone in one’s life. (The Wild one hits the nail on the head. Eat.Booze.RedWings.)

And finally, the Octopussy monsters: These guys live for one thing and one thing only; Red Wings Hockey. I know a lot of you think “I bleed red and white,” but you guys aren’t on quite the same level. I’m talking about the 1 dude at the Joe that is so confident the Wings will win, he waits ’til 2 minutes left in the 3rd period to throw his octopus on the ice. Nothing says dedication like sitting through 58 minutes of hockey with a slimy octopus taped to the inside of your leg. Everyone around looks at you weird as you down 7 Molson XXX’s and stink of sea water, while hotdog debris get stuck in your beard that grows abnormally fast. It’s these fans that set Detroit head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to hockey playoffs. Godspeed octopussy monsters. (Ok these guys are intense. These men would glue pubes (that have been growing longer than their beards) to their face, just to add to the beard. Bro knows all the referees by name and won’t go berserk when they make a bad call, but disappointingly disagree with a “C’mon, Dan”, in the same tone you’d use if you’re boy pissed himself. He has no family because the fans are his siblings, the refs are his buddies and scapegoats, the beer vendor is his bartender, and the stadium seat is his recliner. The Joe is his home, and rightfully so.)

Happy playoffs bros.

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Trip to Pittsburgh!

Sign us up! Members of the Coalition are taking our talents to Pittsburgh for a weeknight to see the Tigers play the worst franchise in sports over the past decade, the Pittsburgh Pirates, on May 21st. Our journey is likely to include various drunken antics, but if we were to see a guy get tased and gang beaten by rent-a-cops, that might make my year. Blogging gold! I’ll be wearing my Cindy Crysby shirt, Red Wings hat, and hopefully some other article of clothing that says “fuck you” to the city of Pittsburgh, so maybe it’ll be me getting tased. I’d still put my money on Wild Steve getting tased before me 99/100 times, but only time will tell.


My Strange Addiction is Pushing It

Whatta fuckin’ weirdo, right in our own backyard. My problem with that is this; how are you gonna call out the D like that? God knows where the toilet paper eater, the hair dryer lady(totally legit by the way), or the chalk eater is from. Now TLC goes out and finds the weirdest guy on the planet, and before they even tell you what’s wrong with him they have to bring up the fact he’s from Detroit. Makes our whole city look like greasy unemployed silicon fuckers. I’d rather be the city of couch cushion eaters any day.

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