How is Rip Still on the Team?


How is Rip still on the Pistons? Or Tayshaun for that matter? At least Tay’ is valuable on the trading block. Rip is only still a Piston because we can’t get shit for him. Don’t get me wrong I love Hamilton just as much as the next bandwagon Pistons fan, but a team needs some type of ROI for this guy. The best way I can explain this is with a Pokemon reference from my childhood. I used to trade Pokemon cards like stock on a Monday morning. Ya, I was a geek, but I was fucking 12. Gimme a break. . . I digress. 
This kid wanted my Pokemon Red Game Boy game(shit was out cold in ’99), and was willing to give me 2 holographic cards and $20 bucks for this game. He must’ve been bat shit crazy because this was like giving me $120 bucks for a game I beat months ago. Sure, no problem. Played it cool like a pro. Like I was actually giving up a lot. Later in the day the kid punched my in the balls. The balls? Really, bro? That kid’s nose was bleeding like a World Star Hip Hop Waffle House lobby fight immediately. He went crying and belly aching back home. His sister came out 20 minutes later with my game. She said, “My brother doesn’t want any of his stuff back. Just never talk to him ever again.” Done. Kid was a sucker. Or I was a greedy, hoodlum pre-teen. You decide.
 Moral of the story is no NBA team out there is like this pussy nut-puncher. No one wants you, Richard. Except me. You can always warm the bench in my city, homey.   

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