Pistons to Retire the Worm’s Number?!


Seriously?? The Fucking Worm Dennis Rodman is going to have his number retired?!?

I thought they saved this shit for like franchise players and hall of famers? I mean, Vinny Johnson was a better number to retire. Yeah Yeah, Rodman was defensive player of the year, a powerful force during the Pistons’ almost Dynasty years, but no one remembers that shit. All they remember is this weirdo who kicked that camera dude in the balls…. THE BALLS! You just don’t hit a dude in the balls unless hes the size of Brock Lesnar and that’s your only chance at making it out alive. I digress.
But really? Are we going to retire the number 10 for Dennis Rodman, after all the bullshit he put the organization through towards the end of his tenure here? Will he even show up to this game or will he still be in Celebrity Rehab? Its just too weird for me to fathom at this point. I just keep picturing him in drag; or teamed with Hollywood Hogan in a tag team match against Diamond Dallas Page and Karl Malone. And what happens to Greg Monroe’s number 10 jersey? Hey kid you’re a great young player with a bright future here, but we’re gonna have to change your number so we can hang a Rodman banner. How about we work on getting the team sold, trading rip, or getting a coach these players will respect. Why’m I yellin? I donno…
I’m going to get drunk…
Odds for the night:
3/1 I pee my bed
2/1 I text an ex girlfriend

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