Pitchers and Catchers report today….No Homo


There’s nothing like faking sick to work and heading to a Thursday afternoon game at Comerica. The hot sun, smell of the Kentucky Blue Grass after a fresh cut, and enough $8 diesels to sink a ship. Those days will soon be upon us now that Spring Training has officially started with Pitchers and Catchers reporting today.

I won’t suger coat it; the Tigers need to get it together this year. Most importantly they need to win games against teams in the division. It seems that each year there’s been a Jim Thome or Denard Span who has just KILLED us when it mattered most. The wildcard this year is coming out of the AL East. I’ve really never seen a better lock than that. I wonder what vegas odds are? Between the Red Sox the Yanks and even the Rays, that division occupies two playoff spots already. So the Tigers must take care of business within the division.
A few things need to go according to plan this year if the Tigers want to win the division:
1.) Stay Healthy- This applies to everyone except Carlos Guillen because he’s just become exempt from this clause over the past few years and we’re prepared for it
2.) Pitching- Verlander: Ace. Sherzer: if he keeps up the way he played the 2nd half of last year he’ll be right up there. Then who do you got? Coke? Procello? Better be ready to see some Andy oliver and Jacob Turner this year
3.) Cabbie stays sober- Bro, I get it. Drinking is sweet and its a great way to kill time, but you got a career to worry about man. I can understand a pitcher going out and getting slammed when he knows hes not gonna play the next day but you’re an everyday starter. Have a few when you get home but lets keep it under a .08 eh?
4.) Denard Span Breaks his ankle- OK, not really, I dont wish bad things on people because I’m a firm believer in what goes around comes around. I had a perfect opportunity to get a free almond chicken meal at dragon express a few years back. The chick just gave me my food and walked away without ringing me up. Jackpot, right? But I knew that those Chinese believed in Karma and the second I walk out the door I’d trip on the curb and blow my ACL. So, ultimately, I called her back to the register and pointed out her error. Paid. In. Full……I Digress
But for real, these days of the tiger killers have to come to an end sooner or later. Each year there was that one guy on each team in the Central who would single-handedly steal a win from the Tigers. Last few years its been Denard Span. I once heard his name refer to the space between your nuts. But we need some serious depth both offensively and defensively to counter-act these Tiger killers who we’ve become all too familiar with.
Win AL Central


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