The Best Marketing Campaign for Big Business


As a young American the future of our economy gives me an anxiety attack so large you would think I ran into Mel Gibson, I look incredibly Jewish.

Needless to say, I have contemplated our economic future and the thought ruined me. I no longer feel comfort when seeing fellow patriots, upping the resale value of their 97’ Ford F-150 by slapping on a bumper sticker that reads “Save Jobs, Buy American!”

I believe the philosophy that buying American would have a positive impact on the economy but then I thought…

Let’s see how this idea would play out by a typical American family in the following scenario: The Jones Family is renovating their kitchen and will need the following items: A hammer, nails and wood, a new truck to transport all the materials, and some new kitchen appliances.

Where would this family go to obtain those items while adhering to the “Buy American” philosophy?

Hammer, Nails and Wood: Home Depot

New Truck: Any of the Big Three Automakers

Kitchen Appliance: I dare someone to even try and wipe the smile off the Walmart smiley-face by beating their low prices. Not going to happen.

This is where I start questioning the “Buy American Bumper Sticker Economic Recovery Campaign” because all the places listed above operate in multiple countries, on different continents.

Their profits go to fund a global operation not just business in America.

So where else could a family go to get Hammer, Nails, Wood, A Truck, and Kitchen Appliances from a 100% American company whose profits all go back to funding their operation in the U.S.?

NO WHERE, because those very same power house companies woke a lot of small business-owners up from their American dream by obliterating their entire business.

So before we spend a $1.50 on a bumper sticker made in china telling people to “Buy American” maybe we should spend it at local Mom and Pops shop whose business is 100% American.

But then again, I could just go to Amazon.com to buy these Crayola Classic Broad Line Markers for only a buck. I would draw something funny like a Jew hugging Mel Gibson.

Wait…Amazon.com is an American company right?


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