Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum!


SALT LAKE CITY (AP)BYU officials confirmed Wednesday that starting forward Brandon Davies wasn’t involved in anything criminal that resulted in his dismissal from the team.
University spokeswoman Carri Jenkins said an honor code review is under way to determine if the BYU sophomore will be allowed to remain in school, as well as his status with the team next season.
BYU’s honor code requires students to live a chaste and virtuous life, be honest, abstain from alcoholic beverages, tobacco, tea, coffee and substance abuse, and attend church regularly.
The school announced the dismissal on Tuesday night after being made aware of the violation Monday—the same day that BYU vaulted to No. 3 in the AP poll.
Davies had started 26 of 29 games and averaged 11.1 points and a team-leading 6.2 rebounds.

Fuckin’ Mormons, right? These characters are bonkers. Like I’m sure this kid just didn’t get to go on his little Mormon adventure when he turned 18 to get all the drinking and sex out of their system(That’s Mormon’s, no? Or is that Amish folks? There the same people to me. One has no lights. One has 6 too many wives. Must be equally as awful, but that’s a-whole-nother post). Look, Davies is a twenty year old basketball player for a top 5 program. Dude went for 14 pts – 15 rebs the other night. Then they beat San Diego State and boom this kid is a superstar. He probably let loose. Went out and had 3 Mike’s Hard’s, a cigarette, a 99 cent tall boy green tea, and got an over the boxers HJ. That’s the equivalent to seeing a student athlete from any normal school at a party who obviously blew a few lines before he went out, swigging pulls out of a half gal of R&R in between bong hits, and to cap off the night blows out some girl in the bathroom Roethlisberger-style. Then you have to kick his ass out the front door of 436 MAC and gang beat his boys(right, CBus?).  Or, you have to bop him in the nose and put him in a headlock at the Landshark(right, Snake?).  I’ve seen it a million times. Boys will be boys.   
This kid gets booted off a team that with him is probably a 2-seed in the dance. I don’t care what a kid does but you don’t fuck with your seeding. I wish Tom Izzo had the same feelings about this subject. Booting kids off the team because your program is too proud, shit is for the birds. At least MSU has some sort of a future, but this is it for BYU. Jimmer Fredette is dipping out to the NBA next year, and there goes the program. FACT! This is bigger than you coach, Dave Rose. Recognize!

Video Courtesy of Southparkstudios.com


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