Bollyhood- The Epic Voyage of An International Man of Mystery: Volume 2

I don’t think either of us has the time change down yet. I have the most random conversations with the Intl Man of Mystery. This is what I wake up to, hungover, on a Sunday morning. He could probably get in some sort of trouble with this so from here on out he will be known as IMM (International Man of Mystery). Enjoy this exchange about the sexy parties.

11:01am EST
MdotNetz: hey
IMM: whats up
MdotNetz: shit u?
IMM: hanging out with some hookers
MdotNetz: hookers eh?
IMM: yeah. no joke. I don’t plan on indulging though
MdotNetz: what are you doing talking to me on facebook while theres strippers present?
                  GO FUCK ONE
IMM: haha hookers are different than strippers
          these girls are hookers
MdotNetz: I understand that
                  insert yourself asap and tell me the story immediately after
                  when else would you ever pay for sex?
IMM: thats a good point
MdotNetz: r they hot?
IMM: yeah, they’re alright
          the eastern europeans are hot.
          i would really consider dabbling in one of those
MdotzNetz: are you on fb chat on ur phone?
IMM: no, I’m not
          lot of chinese girls
          I’ll skype you into the next hooker party
MdotNetz: hahah this is so random
                  u better!
                  is anyone fucking them?
IMM: Haha whenever the guys come in from afghanisatn and iraq, they all get hookers
          not at the moment.
          This is on the reg bro. I’m so used to it now.
MdotNetz: you gotta make it happen
IMM: just drinking a beer, and working, with hookers around
MdotNetz: this is so awesome
IMM: haha
          alright, i’m going to go make a steak
          some hooker made us some dumplings
          they were freaking awesome, but i’m still hungry
MdotNetz: ur unreal. be easy my friend
IMM: talk to you soon bro

Dumplings!? Fucking dumplings! What kind of Dream World fuckin’ Dyrdek Fantasy Factory do you live in? The only thing better than dumplings are free, hooker dumplings. Preferably after she fellates you. Baby steps with this one. Too bad he has an above average sense of self respect or this story could have been legen … wait for it … dary!


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