I See You Big Fella…

Well baseball season has officially gotten underway for the 2011 season, and I’m fucking smitten! Other than the fact that the Tigers lost and Alex Avila is the worst catcher to carry the old English D; I’m pumped for this years Tiger season. And we all know that with the Tigers comes the dynamic duo of fellow SHS Alum Mario Impemba, and the lovable Rod Allen. This Shit Rod Allen says is priceless. There’s really nothing else like it. I wish when they let him on national broadcasts he’d break out of his shell a little bit but thats not a decision I make.
Well, if you’re at all familiar with hot Rod and the Tigers of the last decade or so, then you are aware of a certain drinking game that accompanies a tigers FSD broadcast. That’s right; the Rod Allen Drinking Game. This has been a goal of mine for years now, and I believe we now have the resources and man-power to pull off one like no other. I propose a Rod Allen Drinking game party at “The Future” on May 14th. It’s a 4:05 game and I anticipate all variables to work in favor of a crisp day for drinking.
So if you think you’re man enough to play by the rules and blackout by the 3rd inning, then come join us. Comments and concerns posted here will be reviewed and probably disregarded no matter how valid a point you may have. And remember, if the game ever airs the video posted above, thats 25 drinks to the dome! So bring your A-game and don’t try to sneak a piece of cheese by us now.

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