The Mickey Redmond Drinking Game

It’s about time someone complies a list of his epic sayings. And what better than assigning a drink value to each?  We’re gonna go from most common(least drinks) to most rare(you’re gonna get faded). I’m just rolling with these off the top of my head with some help from select bros, so feel free to help me add on. List your favorites in the comments section.

2 Drinks

  • “Here we go”
  • “Look Out!”
  • “BINGO BANGO!” (unanimous favorite)
  • whenever Mickey draws on the screen during a replay
  • whenever Mickey says “gang”
  • “captain”
  • “Holy jumpin”
  • “got his bell rung”
  • Poor (insert goalie here) is thinking, where did you come up with that?”
  • “Oh my!”
  • “Goodness gracious”

4 Drinks

  • “Slow it down right here, gang”
  • “Holy Mackerel!”
  • when ha calls Hudler “happy”
  • anything about a ski mask when someone gets “robbed”
  • “That was like shooting ducks at the circus”
  • anytime they show Mickey after the opening draw
  • whenever Mickey says “boys”
  • “son-of-a-gun”
  • When Ken screams “Scores!”
  • “What is this league coming to?”
  • “got his bell rung!”

6 Drinks

  • When Ken says “A Datsyuk-ian move”
  • “You could throw a blanket on ’em”
  • “Then down he goes like he was shot with an elephant gun”
  • anytime he gives a tip for the “youngsters”
  • anytime Mickey compliments the replay crew
  • “Holmstrom gets more attention around the net than a pretty girl at closing time!”
  • “The equalizer”
  • “Johnny on the spot”
  • “Shot out of a cannon”

10 Drinks

  • “Can you believe it?”
  • “oye youye youye”
  • whenever he references drinking (ie. pop, soda, beverage)
  • “He had (insert goalie here) out on 4th street”
  • Whenever Mickey makes fun of Larry for being hammered (ie. “Larry doesn’t drink beer he drinks vodka and orange juice. Gotta watch out for that orange juice. It’ll get ya.”)
  • “He was standing there like a cigar store indian”
  • “Rockin’ at the Joe”
  • “monkey on a high wire”

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